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Welcome to the Non-Hydrostatic Climate Modelling, Part II, (NHCM-2) project page!

Due to the increasing demand for local scale climate change information, regional climate models (RCMs) are increasingly operated with higher resolved resolutions. Modern RCMs are able to capture many regional climate processes and they cover the meso-β scales (20 km to 200 km) sufficiently enough for applications in climate research. Based on the success in numerical weather prediction (NWP) and supported by the general progress in computing technology, RCMs are now starting to approach the meso-γ scales (2 km to 20 km).

The major aim of NHCM-2 is to investigate the largely unknown performance of convection permitting (~3 km grid spacing) climate simulations in the European Alpine region. A special focus lies on the interaction of atmospheric dynamics, convective and orographically forced precipitation, and turbulent processes of the planetary boundary layer.

NHCM-2 is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (project number P24758-N29). It is a three year project which has started in January 2013 and will end in December 2015.




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